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Where do the mushrooms come from?

All of our forest mushrooms come from European wild collection, primarily from the Balkan region. Our Asian medicinal mushrooms, on the other hand, come from controlled cultivation in East Asia.

Where does the rice risotto come from?

We use 100% original Italian risotto rice (Riso Arborio Superfino) in every risotto. The unique texture of Italian Riso Arborio Superfino gives the risotto an exceptional creaminess and is therefore perfect for preparation.

Are the products vegan, gluten-free and allergen-free?

Yes, our products are all vegan, gluten-free and allergen-free. We have our own production facility and can control the production process according to these criteria.

Are the products sustainable?

Yes. We attach great importance to sustainability and inclusion. You can find detailed information about our social efforts in the About Us section.

Are your mushrooms also suitable for children?

Our natural products are also very suitable for children. Since our products are 100%
are natural, they are an ideal alternative to unhealthy products containing additives.

Do your products contain sugar or other additives?

Our products contain no added sugar or other additives.

You can find the exact nutritional information under every product in our shop.

How are the products prepared?

There is a detailed description of how to prepare it on each product. You can also find lots of great recipes in our recipes section on our website. We also send delicious recipes via our newsletter. Feel free to register at www.anavita-naturkost/pages/newsletter and receive a 10% voucher when you register.

How should I best store the products?

Our recommendation is: dark, dry and at room temperature. Keep the Dr. Ana Collection mushrooms in their packaging so that they are protected from moisture and sunlight. When the mushrooms are exposed to humidity, they become softer but are not spoiled.

How long do the products last?

All products from Dr. Ana Collection has a shelf life of at least 6 months. It is important that you contact your Dr. Store Ana products properly. (See the question: “ How should I best store the products?”)

Where can I get your products?

You can buy our products in the online shop and also in retail stores.

Which countries do you deliver to?

Due to EU-wide packaging licensing regulations, we can only deliver to Germany and Austria.

Do you also deliver to packing stations?

Yes, we also deliver to packing stations. To do this, you can simply enter your postal number in the additional address field, the word “Packstation” in the zip code and your Packstation number in the house number.

Do you have a current discount code?

We always have great discount promotions! We will inform you about this in our newsletter or on our Instagram account. Feel free to register at www.anavita-naturkost/pages/newsletter and receive a 10% voucher straight away!

What can I do if I haven't received a shipping confirmation?

If you haven't received a shipping email from us, please check whether you have one
Ordered a different email address from us? Or paid via Paypal and used a different email address? Is your inbox full? Or perhaps the email ended up in the spam folder?

If you have checked all the points described above and still have not received a shipping confirmation, you are welcome to send us a message using the contact form , including your order number.

What can I do if my package hasn't arrived?

Please check first whether the stated delivery times have been exceeded . If
If the stated delivery times were exceeded, it could be due to an address error, because no one was home or even the package did not arrive without any obvious reason.

You are welcome to contact us directly using the contact form with your order number, then we will decide together with you to what extent we can refund you or resend the product.

I need a bill.

Please send us a message using the contact form with your order number and we will send you the invoice.

I would like to complain about something because the quality is not right/the product is damaged.

We are very sorry that you were not satisfied! You are welcome to send us a message using the contact form . So that we can help you more quickly, it would be very helpful if you could send us your order number and photos of the product as well as the LOT on the product label.

Quality is our top priority and every feedback helps us make our products even better!

I am missing a product / I received the wrong product.

We are very sorry that your delivery was incorrect. Please send us a message using the contact form with your order number and the missing/wrong product so that we can find a solution together.

Do I have to pay the return shipping costs myself?

In order to prevent orders from being handled carelessly, we unfortunately cannot accept return shipping. Many companies advertise free return shipping, which means an unnecessary number of packages are sent back and forth to the detriment of the environment. As soon as food is revoked, we also have to destroy it. This is of course a real shame when the products are flawless. We ask for your understanding.

If your product was damaged or the quality is not right, we ask you to send us a message including your order number, pictures of the products and the LOT on the product label using the contact form .

I am an influencer and am interested in collaborating with you?

We are very pleased about your interest in us and our products. You are welcome to contact us directly using the contact form .

Who is my contact if I would like to become a business customer?

Thank you for your interest. You can contact us personally at any time to receive dealer conditions and further information. Simply send an email to

I am a business customer, are all products available for immediate delivery?


I am a business customer, where can I find the product range catalogue?

You can find our range catalog here .

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